Design is always a risk. So is business. But funnily enough, if you combine these two, you actually have much better prospects.

The most important part of design is to understand the context and the goal. Why and how?

Is it wise to make a super artistic explosion or stick with a minimalistic industrial look and functionality? Is it wise to blend in and equalize, or stand out from prevailing currents? If you want to stand out, then how do you pull it off? And, how can you get the most out of the materials you use? Maybe there are other better methods to achieve the same result. There are so many approaches and details to consider.

The next part is actually doing the design. Lead, surprise, awe and serve in the correct context.

A great designer is also a great businessman/woman. We can call it business design or design thinking, but it only means one thing, the designer understands your goals and helps you to get there with creative power. Design can be a series of logical decisions but it is not a science. What separates great design from the good is the poesy; that mysterious part which gives soul to the material world.


Photo credits:  CC BY 4.0 N27012, Helsinki City museum, 1918, Photographer Sundström Eric

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