Most of us prefer to separate everyday life from celebrations and parties. Champagne, cakes and life on a luxury yacht are awesome but they, too, become normal and lose their taste of sinful goodness when becoming part of the everyday.

This is why Nordic design, and lifestyle, are so awesome and taking the world by storm. You still have a broad selection of sins to choose from, but your everyday actually looks and feels better than all the “sins” combined; very beautiful, functional, natural and happy.

Design does not mean only products for the so-called intellectual elite as everyone deserves to have a beautiful and functional life. For example, in Finland, you basically don’t have designer tableware, it is just called tableware. In every single Finnish home, design classics from the previous century are part of everyone’s normal life. Tableware, garments and furniture which are designed by some of the best designers of our time are often handed down by your grandparents.

We like passing on the idealistic heritage of democratic design and attention to details in everyday life.


Photo credits:  CC BY 4.0 ser564030, Helsinki City museum, 06.1975 Photographer Rista Simo SER

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